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I recently saw a lot of people online saying how hard it is to start a career in UX. When I was starting off, I had great support to help me learn, but even with that, I remember how overwhelming it was. I was hungry for knowledge but wasn’t sure…

Poor design choices are not only frustrating but can also cause a lot of friction and wastage in our workflows.

In this article I’m going to single out Microsoft products but this relates to any software. Let’s look at some examples.

I noticed Outlook kept my status as “appear away”

Monet, Water Lilies (Series) | Sky News

I’ve been a UX designer for nearly 3 years, I love my job and I always strive to be better at it. I’m also passionate about helping others grow and sharing my experiences — yet whenever I try to create or share my thoughts with others I have that voice…

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2020 was a tough year for many of us. We missed out on many things, on many adventures, on learning opportunities, on dream jobs, we lost friends, family, colleagues. Some of us might have lost our current jobs, others had to postpone dreams that they had. …

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Every day we not only interact with tens of people and companies but also products, apps, and websites. But how many of them do we truly trust? How many of them would you continue using if another, cheaper or better alternative came along? What is it that is helping users…

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When someone Googles “How can I improve the user experience” or “How to improve engagement/retention/conversion” they will get a lot of tips on how to improve the overall performance of your website or see ideas on what can be added to the website. …

Building a bridge between UX and Marketing

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Since I became a UX designer, I got some experience working with marketers and I was lucky enough to experience the frustrations and frictions between marketing and user experience. …

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Google recently shared that they are introducing a new ranking system called Core Web Vitals which will rank sites based on a number of things, including user experience.

Threefold’s website shots

As designers, we all love looking at Dribbble and Behance shots. Most shots on design sites look absolutely amazing. …

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Just before the whole world shut down due to the Covid-19, I got to run my first remote workshop and it turned out way better than I expected. To stay ahead of what is going to happen, even before Ireland was on lockdown, we decided to try out how we…

Kinga Adamczewska

UX Designer at Threefold

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